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East Poultney Day Beats the Rain!

We were very lucky to celebrate this year’s East Poultney Day on August 13th with the theme Democracy in Poultney despite the gloomy forecast of torrential rain and heavy flooding! Pastor Todd helped save the day by opening up the United Baptist Church on the Green for all East Poultney Day goers and vendors in case […]

1895 – Binders and Mowers for the Harvest

June 21, 1895, The Poultney Journal: Over 120 years ago, ads for farm equipment and seeds appeared in our local newspaper for farmers just before planting and harvest seasons began. This ad in particular shows what the people of Poultney used on farms. To see the ad, click the thumbnail on the left side of this […]

1928 – Musical Taxi

June 8, 1928, The Poultney Journal: News spread from New Jersey that a taxi was now offering its customers music along with the ride! Frank Cowen, the taxi driver, decided that those who choose his taxi should be able to tune the radio themselves. To see the original picture, click the thumbnail next to this paragraph! […]