The Poultney Historical Society has thousands of artifacts in its care. They range from large farming tools to the most delicate lace, from carriages to eyeglasses. There are bibles, bonnets, pottery, and photographs.

The Society is in the process of archiving this collection and photographing each object. This website offers a sampling of these collections and as we continue to archive, you will see more and more artifacts on this site.

Please visit the Poultney Historical Society Museums on the East Poultney green for a fuller viewing of its collections.

Glass Plate Negatives

For the first time, photographers in rural towns and small villages like Poultney were able to capture images of all aspects of daily life, to go into people’s homes and workplaces, to their farmlands and lakes, showing them at work and at play.

Historical Photography

The Poultney Historical Society owns and cares for thousands of historical photographs. The collection was thought to contain mostly print photographs and postcards, both extensive in subject and scope.

But in the spring of 2004, a collection of about 887 glass plate negatives was rediscovered in several boxes in the Melodeon Factory. While these negatives had been known about for decades, they had never been systematically archived.

Print Photographs and Postcards

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