The Poultney Historical Society has published a comprehensive Historical Walking and Driving Tours brochure that will lead you on walking tours of downtown Poultney and East Poultney, and a driving tour of the surrounding hollows, farms, and quarries that together make up the history of the town.

The brochure can be requested by email or by post at the address on the “Contact” page of this site. Or you can find them at the Poultney Visitors Center, the post office, or at many businesses in town.

The Society has also just completed three Historical Audio Walking and Driving Tours of Poultney hosted by Vermont’s master storyteller Willem Lange. These tours accompany the Historical Walking and Driving Tours brochure and are available at The Original Vermont Store  on Main Street in downtown Poultney and at the East Poultney General Store on the historic East Poultney green.

During the summer, the tours are can also be found at the Poultney Visitors Center at The Stonebridge in downtown Poultney, at the 1896 Schoolhouse museum in East Poultney,

The tours may be downloaded from this site onto your mp3 player, or rented or purchased on CD. Or you can choose to listen to the tours online. Just click on any of the tours on this page: the East Poultney Walking Tour, the Main Street Poultney Walking Tour, or the Poultney Driving Tours.

To purchase the audio CDs, visit our store on this website and choose one, two, or all three!

We also offer several Virtual Historic Tours on this website through the hundreds of photographs taken over the last century. Simply click on this link and take one of the tours either of Poultney circa 1900 or Poultney today.