This Week in Poultney History

1940 – Barn Fire in Poultney Reveals Issue in Firefighter Service

June 27th, 1940, The Poultney Herald: A barn fire in Poultney was discovered by neighbors in the early summer of 1940. Although their was limited damage and no one was hurt, a flawed fire alarm system was reason enough for the Town to hold a vote. To learn more and to see the original news clipping, click: See original news clipping.

What To Poultney is the Fourth of July?

As we celebrate and remember this Fourth of July, let us put aside our differences to honor our shared goals as a nation, “the great principles of political freedom and of natural justice.”

In Honor of Ed Lewis

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Edward Allan Lewis, a 7th-generation Vermonter and longtime Poultney Historical Society board trustee.

Poultney’s Anti-Christian Infidels

The authors of the 1875 history of Poultney “regret to publish” that the some of the founders’ “prevailing influence in the western part of the town, for nearly half a century after the first settlement, was infidel in its character.” This article explores what they meant by that.

How A New Publisher Says Hello

Poultney history has been blessed with several strong newspapers. As NYVT Media introduces itself to a 2021 audience, we look back at how other publishers first said hello.