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This Week in Poultney History

1777 – First Grist Mill Erected

Nehemiah Howe built the first grist-mill in Poultney, which was erected at the falls, where the east village now is, some little time before 1777. Prior to that, for the first few years settlers had to go to Manchester to mill, some thirty miles distant.

“A Crease in the Landscape” – Sunday Dec. 7

Unique economic, political and natural forces created conditions that drew people to […]

“Poultney Village” DVD available for Christmas!

The new DVD “A Tour of Two Villages: Poultney Village” is now available […]

The Slate Industry

The slate industry transformed Poultney in the last half of the 19th […]

Poultney Walking and Driving Tours

The Society has won two awards for its historical Audio Walking and […]

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