The Rise of the Village and Downtown Poultney

The 19th century saw the emergence of West Poultney as the center of town. The construction of Green Mountain College, Route 30 and later the railroad from Rutland to Albany assured the rise of the village and downtown area.

The last half the 19th century was a period of economic growth for Poultney spearheading a rise in the town’s population from 2,278 in 1860 to 3,664 in 1910.

The emergence of the slate industry and manufacturing led to the construction of many homes, churches and business buildings of excellent architectural design. Some of the interesting buildings are:

  • the Masonic Lodge built in 1822 as the original Methodist church,
  • a series of Greek revival buildings including the current Methodist church c 1841, and the Citizens Bank Building c1860.
  • The Poultney Grade School c 1884 now a senior citizen housing complex
  • Old Hotel near corner of Main and Beaman built in 1820
  • the Citizens Bank c1910 now the Poultney Library
  • the Stonebridge Inn.
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